Partner in Achieving Sustainable Energy Savings

Mission Statement

Energieserve aims to maximise energy saving for businesses through smart energy solution that monitors, analyses and automates operation leveraging on proven technologies; providing energy consumption visibility and data driven decision-making to optimise and improve on energy efficiency so that businesses can focus on improving their production & cost efficiency

Intelligent Energy Monitoring Analytical Software

Identifying energy wastage and excessive usage for control and behavioural change

Real-Time & Robust Energy Monitoring Hub

Versatile energy monitoring hub & data capturing and internet gateway for wireless remote control, IOT sensors & other electric, oil, gas , and water metering & CO2 level monitoring

Wireless Remote Control & IOT Sensors for HVAC & Others

Remote Intelligent Air Conditioner control & Automatic self-cleaning HVAC Chiller system

Fridge Intelligent Food Temperature Sensing

Efficient Refrigeration cycle with improved control of stored food temperature

Efficient Lighting & Occupancy Sensing

Efficient solar street lightings with built-in storage that last 3-days, and LED lightings with built-in IoT features.